Universal Joints

  • Cross shaft involves forging mould, case harden and CNC processing.
  • Needle roller bearings are full needle roller bearings, which have high load capacity.
  • Included angle of shafts up to 15°~20°.
A: U-Joints with 4 plain round bearings
B: U-Joints with 2 wing bearings and 2 plain round bearings
C: U-Joints with thrust plate bearings
D: U-Jooints with 4 welder plate type bearings
E U-Joints with 4 wing bearings
APPLICATION Part No. OEM No. Boundary dimensions (mm) Type
Reference No. D L
SCANIA5-12278X264044-(207563)CR111650.00 164.00 A
IVECO5-134X1905986-(93160322)CR100127.00 81.70 A
RENAULT5-160X09.43.541.418CR100230.20 106.30 A
IVECO5-178X8197741CR100330.20 91.95 A
IVECO645410013193156581CR200565.04 172.00 A
RENAULTA59168Q50.00.803.045CR120358.90 167.50 C
SCANIACZ-265365901-(337059)CR110548.00 161.00 B
SCANIACZ-2801422442-(386073)CR113265.03 189.70 X
IVECOGU30007984508CR102839.69 115.95 A
IVECOGU50007981263CR109949.23 154.76 C
MANGU756081.39200.6016CR112252.10 133.00 A
MANGU767081.39200.6011CR1039-48L48.00 116.50 A
HINOGUH-6037401-1172 40.20 115.00 A
HINOGUH-619-953-3401-01 47.00 124.00 C